Friday, May 16, 2014

Count Yer Blessings

Back when my 29 year old baby was about 11, I took him, my oldest son, and my oldest's very good friend to Sunshine Christian Music Festival for about 3 days. My youngest and I stayed in a motel room while my oldest camped on the festival grounds with others about his age. We had a great time and saw many greats like Stephen Curtis Chapman, Geoff Moore & the Distance, Whiteheart, etc., etc. My husband could not go with us that year so I braved the masses alone!!

The plan was to attend the last concert on the last night - which is always the biggie - get some sleep and head out the next morning, Sunday. But we all got the itch to head home after the last concert. Since I was the only driver I was dreading the late night, 5 hr. drive home, but was looking forward to my own bed and church the next morning. So we pressed forward. I loaded up with extra caffeinated soda and some No-Doz. My youngest was riding "shot-gun" (as the kids say) and the 2 older ones were VERY quickly asleep in the back part of the mini-van.

I was probably getting grouchy from tiredness and anxiety about the drive-in-the-dark, but my son was just getting started. He'd had lots of fun encounters with musicians and was soon on a roll, telling me every niggling detail. I was trying to be "not mean" but was trying to get him to SHUT-UP so I could concentrate and get us home safely. I (kinda) nicely suggested several times that I needed some quiet, and I needed a break, and I needed him to catch his breath.

You're probably already thinking what I couldn't come up with on my own. That his talking would give me something to think about and would be a tremendous help at that late hour. But I'm pretty dense sometimes. Eventually I heard deep down in my spirit, "His talking could help you." DUH!

So I decided to let 'er rip and we got home safe and sound - with son finally falling asleep about an hour before home.

How often do we, do I forget to be thankful for the blessings that God has placed within our family? Like that trait of your husband's personality that is really starting to annoy you but God meant it to moderate you (i.e. what you call tight-wad might be called thrifty, what you stew over "never expressing his feelings" might be called "steady" or "careful with words"). Or that child that seems so care-free that he never remembers to pick up after himself could actually teach you to slow down and have some fun with him. Or that child that is so much like you that you often butt heads. (That would be my oldest.) Or that mother, that mother-in-law, really anyone who you consider family?

We have so much for which to be thankful if we could learn to focus on the positives and try to minimize the negative. We do the opposite - minimize the positive and focus on the negative. I think that's human nature. That's why we need to lean on the nature of Jesus to help us learn to focus on the right things. I sure wish I had done that more when my kids were still under my wing.

Lord, help us, those of us who claim to be yours, to instruct our children with wisdom and kindness, but also to appreciate their individual personalities. Help us to teach them to channel their energy AND their personalities to serve you better, not changing who you've made them, but using who they are for your glory.
Here is said son, using a "mad skill"! Makes a mama proud
donit? (Don't even ask what his bubble medium is.)


  1. That picture is GROSS!! EWWW!

    You are totally right, of course. It can be so tough to focus on the positives. I have one word for you--SANCTIFICATION, Baby!

    1. HA-HA (about the picture, that is). Sanctification - not so funny. It's hard sometimes.